Delivery Model


The innovative service delivery model which, by design, delivers high quality services at a low cost footprint. The clusters of rural delivery centres in a hub-and-spoke model are of relatively smaller size built on the principle of decentralized self-reliant service centres and centralized work distribution and aggregation.

Distributed Micro Centres

• Hub & Spoke: small delivery centers, geographically dispersed, individually managed
• Empowered, values-driven teams with high “connected-ness”
• Tech infra comparable to urban centers using ‘fit-for-purpose’ technology

Leverage Partners

• Collaborate with local NGOs/agencies for hiring, infra creation support
• Hard wiring into community - invest into relevant projects - resultant long term competitive advantage.

Domain Capability

• Domain focus on identified industry segments - creating capabilities in focus verticals
• Emphasis on learning and development – rapid acceleration of learning curves