Mission and Vision

Traditionally, commerce in India has been structured in such a way that it has created barriers to tap into rural potential. Rural India has thus far only been seen as a supplier of labour to urban India in offering world-class services.

B2R wants to redefine the relationship between urban and rural India by attempting to break these structures and prejudices. Our business aims to leverage the potential of rural society in a manner that creates sustainable, professional and commercial capacity - in a way that does not destroy the rural social fabric.

"Rural Ethos Business Ethic" embodies the mission and vision of the organization.

Specifically, we want to:

Create a best-in-class rural BPO delivery capability:

Gold Standard, Best-in-Class Service delivery sets the foundation for a profitable rural business in Uttarakhand.


Generate economic opportunity for rural youth:

By bringing business to the villages, B2R aims to provide educated, unemployed youth with the opportunity to earn a viable livelihood within walking distance from their homes.


Develop communities we work in:

Invest in community projects for integrated development of villages in the region.