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The Indian BPO industry is expected to continue to grow in volumes as well as the value chain. The strategy needed by BPO players at this point is a combination of innovation to deliver more value and being paranoid about costs to protect India’s cost advantage.


This would also necessitate expanding its delivery footprint to a new set of locations including rural sector. Rural areas would provide an attractive outsourcing destination therefore for the BPO industry primarily due to the following reasons:


o Less expensive labour pool
o Increasingly deeper penetration of internet & related technologies
o Improved literacy and English-language skills.

Apart from the export market, Indian companies are also looking to leverage outsourcing as a strategic enabler and Domestic BPO is expected to grow significantly over next few years.

Identification of key focus verticals plays a vital role while addressing the above needs effectively. With core team having significant BPO experience, we have been very cautious in choosing the right industry offerings to create a niche while some of the general services offerings such as rule based transaction processing, records management & forms processing are across different industries.

Traditional Focus

A traditional focus towards education has helped create the foundation of good literacy levels in Uttarakhand (72%) which are better than the national average.