The B2R Value Proposition: Addressing Triple Bottom Line

The key elements of the B2R Value Proposition that address the triple bottom line are:

  • Technology comparable with Urban centers at low cost footprint.
  • Information protection through adoption of security standards.
  • Business Continuity Plan which is robust, reliable and tailored to clients requirements.
  • Highly committed workforce resulting in service excellence and quality delivery.
  • Scalable and sustainable, innovative service delivery model.
  • Robust operations and quality management practices with continuous improvement of infrastructure.
  • Flexibility to start at client’s preferred size and ability to quickly ramp-up with the growing requirements.
  • Cost benefit to the client :
    • Direct benefit in terms of reduction in operating costs, achieved due to B2R’s lower costs of salaries, rentals, running costs and low attrition.
    • Indirect benefit in terms of lower attrition levels, leading to better skilled, more experienced operators delivering better quality.
  • In addition to generating business value for the organization, the client also shares in co-creation of lasting social and financial impact on rural communities.