Virtual Assitant Services

Why Do You Need a Virtual Assistant?

Do you need help but don�t want to hire a full-time employee who needs to be trained, given office space, and keep busy?

A Virtual Employee works from home and is available when you need them, and can be trained as per your requirements.

Why B2R?

 Dedicated team aligned to  your needs.  Capability to handle large volumes and quick   Turn Around Time (TAT) Quality Assurance & Great   value-for-money

B2R�s Virtual Assistant Services

B2R�s core team of Virtual Assistants is well experienced in many different types of tasks. This allows us to help customers in wide range of tasks. Our task offerings are stated below:

1) General Virtual Assistance:

A) Bookkeeping
B) Customer Support � Email support, Phone Support
C) Data Entry - Updating spreadsheets, medical records, log billing info, reviewing data, creating reports, CRM entry
D) Executive Assistant � Event/Conference tracker, Calendar and appointment scheduling, travel itinerary management, etc.
E) Image & Video Annotation & Data Labeling

2) Content Moderation:

A) Article and blog posting. Guest posting and guest blogging.
B) Editing & posting press releases and newsletters and submitting to news release directories.
C) Producing content marketing material, such as infographics, white papers and ebooks.
D) Social media content moderation based on pre-defined rules & regulations.

3) Social Media:

A) Social Media management, scheduling & advertising
B) Editing and sharing posts on social networks (a content creation strategy)
C) Observing the company�s competitors on social media by looking at rankings, online visibility and keyword prioritization.

4) Graphic Design:

A) Basic video editing: splicing intros and outros and inputting graphics and music.
B) Uploading files to YouTube, DailyMotion and Vimeo.
C) Creating and editing rudimentary graphic design tasks on Photoshop and other image editing software.
D) Transcription from audio, video files.

5) Secondary Research & Sales:

A) Researching competition, business opportunities, or custom tasks.
B) Lead Generation
C) Researching on important data, statistics and facts for meetings, presentations or blogs.
D) Email outreach, inbound and outbound phone sales.


Reach to Us

1.What is a Virtual Assistant?

Ans. A virtual assistant is a person who provides various services to entrepreneurs or businesses from a remote location such as home. Virtual assistants are especially in demand by entrepreneurs and online businesses that need help but don't want to bring on staff at their location.

 2. What does a Virtual Assistant do?

Ans. Virtual Assistant can do a host of tasks including event management, administrative tasks, digital marketing tasks, online research, bookkeeping, sales etc.

 3. What are the modes/means by which I can contact/communicate with my assistant?

Ans. You can reach your assistant through Instant Messenger, Mail or Phone. Our assistants are available for all these communication method.

 4. Can I cancel my plan anytime?

Ans. Yes, you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time of your choice.

 5. Can I use additional hours apart from the hours credited as per my plan?

Ans. Yes, you can avail additional hours to complete your tasks for the month. The cost for additional hours will be slightly different which will be shared with you once you place a request for the same.

 6. How long would it take to assign me an assistant?

Ans. It would take 1 business day to assign you a suitable assistant after you complete the sign-up process.

 7. Do you provide a free trial on your services?

Ans. We do not provide free trial on our services. But, you can purchase our �Start-up Plan� and check the service deliverables.

8. How do I get started with the services?

Ans. Once you buy a plan and share your requirements, our sales & operations team will get in touch with you to schedule a call within one business day. The output of such a discussion will be shared in the form of a proposal for approval on steps to be followed and a Virtual Assistant(s) will be aligned to you within 1-2 business days.

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